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GTA CHAT Rules - updated


As of 10/14/16 the following guidelines apply to the GTA chat effective immediately!!!!

1. Minimum age for chat is 18 years old regardless of situation.

2. No Bashing of other members/vendors will be tolerated; period.

3. Chat is a family friendly environment but a bit more open so know what you are getting yourself into! You will encounter some adult language, graphic kill images, etc.

4. No "Camping" in chat, be an active participant of both the chat and the forums!! This means you MUST make posts in the forum and/or comment on threads!! NO EXCUSES!!

5. If you have any questions regarding chat policies please contact the chat room moderators or forum admin VIA personal inbox.

6. The chat room is an extension of GTA Forums. Please keep that in mind and act accordingly.


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