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Rules & Targets for the 10 Meter Air Pistol Match


10 Meters (32 feet, 10 inches), or 5 meters (16 feet, 5 inches) using scaled targets attached in my following reply.  The shooter should not be over the "Firing Line"....his/her foot or feet should just touch the firing line/paint and not on it. The arm or arms and pistol can be over the firing line.
Stance:  Standing, One or Two-Handed grip

Scoring: 10 pellets per target sheet, Inner Line Scoring, Max score = 100 points
Shots are scored according to the highest value of the target scoring zone or ring that is touched by a circle centered over the shot with a diameter equal to the pellet caliber designated for the target.  A scoring gauge or the head of a wad-cutter pellet comes in handy for this (the pellet skirt may be too large), or just determine this circle using the hole in the target made by the shot as best you can.  If any part of a scoring ring (demarcation line between the scoring zones) is touched by this circle, including even the outside edge of the scoring ring line, the shot is scored the higher value of the two scoring zones.  The only exception is that scoring an "X" on a few targets requires covering (i.e., obliterating) the "X" ring (or dot) completely.  If applicable, this exception is noted on these targets.

Dates/Times: As determined for each match.

Sights:  Any sighting device is permitted in this match.

Time Limit:  10 minutes for this match (12 minutes allowed for multi-pump pistols)

Please indicate the match name, match number and the date the match was shot on the target.

Please post the following information with your scanned target:

Caliber and Pellet
One or Two Hand

Target sheet posted must have been shot during the inclusive dates for that particular match number.  It must not have been used (or to be used) in another match.

Remember, the most important rule is to have fun!!!!!!!

Targets for this Match

Print one of the many options linked below appropriate for your pistol caliber.  Standard ISSF Compliant 10 Meter Air Pistol targets or NRA B40 10 Meter Air Pistol targets may also be used in this match with 177 caliber pistols.

For .177 caliber single and double full Black Center Bulls use the following targets that are attached below.
AirPistol10M_45.pdf,  AirPistol10M_45_SmallTrap.pdf,  AirPistol10Mx2_45.pdf

For .177 caliber single and double White Center Bulls (Easier for Red Dot/Black cross-hairs) use the following targets that are attached below.
AirPistol10M_45Wht.pdf,  AirPistol10Mx2_45Wht.pdf,  AirPistol10M_45Wht_SmallTrap.pdf

For .20 cal and larger single and double full Black Center Bulls use the following targets that are attached below.
AirPistol10M_55.pdf,  AirPistol10M_55_SmallTrap.pdf,  AirPistol10Mx2_55.pdf

For .20 cal and larger single and double White Bulls (Easier for Red Dot/Black Cross-hairs) use the following targets that are attached below.
AirPistol10M_55Wht.pdf,  AirPistol10Mx2_55Wht.pdf,  AirPistol10M_55Wht_SmallTrap.pdf

Targets that can be shot at 5 meter  and used in the 10 meter match.
Versions scaled down to score essentially the same shooting at 5 meters as the 10 meter targets shot at 10 meters (2 shots per bull):

For .177 caliber (Scaled for shooting at 5 meters) use any one of the following attached below.
AirPistol5Mx5_45.pdf,  AirPistol5Mx5_45_SmallTrap.pdf,  AirPistol5Mx5_45_8Bull.pdf, AirPistol5Mx5_45_8Bull_SmallTrap.pdf, AirPistol5Mx2_45_SmallTrap.pdf,  AirPistol5Mx2_45_8Bull_SmallTrap.pdf

For .20 and larger calibers (Scaled for shooting at 5 meters) use any one of the folling attached below.
AirPistol5Mx5_55.pdf,  AirPistol5Mx5_55_SmallTrap.pdf,  AirPistol5Mx5_55_8Bull.pdf,  AirPistol5Mx5_55_8Bull_SmallTrap.pdf


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