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I was wondering if anyone participating in the forum is from New Mexico... and might there be any interest in scheduling/organizing an event? I am still somewhat new to all this but I don't know where to start - would a shooting event be of interest or some other kind of event like an airgun show? I believe there have been shows in Albuquerque, but am surprised there is nothing listed here.

Thanks... and, hello?
Santa Fe

I live in northern New Mexico and love to shoot my air rifles as training for my centerfire rifles.  I don't think I have much interest in organizing a shooting event but it sounds like it would be fun.  I visit this forum only occassionally so sorry for the delay in noticing your post.  Tom

Hi Tom,
I live in Santa Fe. I haven't gotten out much to shoot, but hope to do some this holiday weekend. I've got a young family so that results in the guns being kept locked up most of the time. Haven't thought too much more about airgun events for same reason, but if I find out anything more or something comes up I'll keep you posted.


Thanks Dixon.  This time of year is my favorite but always ends up being the busiest as we are all getting stuff done before winter comes.  Garden produce to process and outdoor projects to complete, etc.  I have a 1971 Jeepster as my daily driver and there is always something to do to it before winter gets here and I actually need the 4 x 4 capabilities.  Plus I'm trying to get it more "updated" so everything I work on is not just a replacement part but normally a modification so takes longer to do.  Keep me posted.  Tom

I recently moved to Rio Rancho and got started with airguns. Doesn't sound like there's much airgun activity in NM, but at least this makes three of us, and being retired I've got the time, and can do 25 yds behind my house. An easy drive from here to Santa Fe if you wanted to connect at some future time.


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