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I shoot with ZERO cheek weld having head NOT touching rifle what so ever.

beard YES ... skin NO

Jeff isn't man enough to grow a beard......just kidding

Jeff you might try a sandbag on your left knee to bring the muzzle up, and try a 'normal' sitting position.

Randy S. from Oklahoma showed me his position, like what you're currently doing, he's the expert in that style.  I'm not flexible enough to hold it long but it's pretty cool once you get in it.


--- Quote from: Cloud 9 on May 09, 2016, 09:54:06 PM ---What positions are most popular when using a springer without a hamster or tall forearm?  I am currently trying to sit with my knees up and the rifle rested on an elbow pad in the crook of my left arm, and my arm rested on a knee pad on my left knee. This isn't very comfortable, and the worst problem I am having now is I can't get a cheek weld to the butt stock because it is too low for my eye to align with the ocular lens of the scope.  :-\

Any help is appreciated.

--- End quote ---
I use the "Yoga/pretzel..."  position. Similar to positions used mostly by the South African FT team:

No riser, no butthook, no jacket, no harness. And it's still fairly stable. But you'll also need to be able to shoot off a raised leg as not all targets are visible from a low position. A cheek weld is not necessarily a good thing to do with a piston gun.

Cloud 9:
I've been shooting Hunter class with my piston gun at a higher power and using a light cheek weld very successfully. I just find that without it, I cannot get a good view through the scope at the higher WFTF magnifications.

Cloud 9:
So, I found an add on pad kit that allows me to get a light cheek weld when sitting in my WFTF position.  :D   Now when sitting and resting the rifle in the crook of my arm, I have a very stable position. I have an accurate click chart by using Hectors PPCalc and the rifle is shooting very well with the 12ft/lb kit from Vortek. It's ES and SD are still a little higher than I would prefer, but they don't hurt my POI too much. I'm really enjoying shooting this new class and find that my scores are the same as or slightly better than when I was shooting hunter.


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