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Cloud 9:
Just put a Vortek PG2 12 ft/lb spring kit in my Beeman HW97k Centennial rifle in .177 cal. Now I am ready to start shooting in the WFTF class in Airgun field target matches.

Nice set up to be sure !!
Good luck in WFTF Piston

Cloud 9:
Is anyone using a Hawke SR 30 and clicking in WFTF?  How is that working for you? Do you have a scope tape or just a range card with clicks?

In my Hunter class guns ... range card & holdover  ( Hawke 1/2 dot or Optisan SCB )
Open / freestyle guns ... calibrated SF wheel to turret & clicking ( Sightron or Hakko )

Cloud 9:
What positions are most popular when using a springer without a hamster or tall forearm?  I am currently trying to sit with my knees up and the rifle rested on an elbow pad in the crook of my left arm, and my arm rested on a knee pad on my left knee. This isn't very comfortable, and the worst problem I am having now is I can't get a cheek weld to the butt stock because it is too low for my eye to align with the ocular lens of the scope.  :-\

Any help is appreciated.


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