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TX200 accuracy issues.

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Bought a used MKiii over the winter and I can't seem to find a pellet the shots consistently accurately. Sometimes I can stack 3 on top of each other and then miss by half and inch or more. No consistency with any pellet. Tried lots of different holds too and each one changes the poi but doesn't make it any more accurate.
Pellets tried are JSB 13.3, 14.3, 15.9; Air Arms 13.3; Crosman Premiers; H&N FTT 5.53; Beeman copper plated; Accu Pells. Anyways, A few.
The gun has a little twange, but no more than a new HW. Pushed several pellets through the barrel and the JSB 14.3 were loose compared to Crosman and H&N. Felt a couple of snags so I ran a nylon brush through the barrel with some Hoppes solvent. Made no difference.
Chronied the 3 best shooting pellets(and I use best shooting very very loosely). JSB 14.3 averaged 620, ES 13, Sd 3.9; Accu Pell 14.3 Av 665, ES 20, Sd almost 10; FTT 665, ES 15, Sd 6.
The breech seal and piston seal seem fine. I don't know how old they are though.
Like I said, group sizes vary. Sometimes it will place 2 or 3 shots close if not through the same hole, but then throw a couple of strays. Other times I feel like I'm shooting a shotgun.
Have checked stock screws and even tried lubing pellets using Nced‘s method, no improvement. Tried changing scopes and that didn't help. The control gun(an HW97 in 22) shot great with both scopes while the TX200 was inaccurate with both.
Any suggestions?

I have found (from experience) a piston seal can LOOK good but not really seal well.  I'd clean the barrel and replace the breech and piston seals.  For a piston seal I used one from Air Rifle Headquarters, their New Tesla 2.  They have breech seals as well, though you can get by with a properly sized O ring.  Hopefully your spring is still intact.  I polished the ends of mine and lubed to reduce twang and torque.  While the stock is off make sure the stock bracket doesn't wiggle but be careful not to break it, though ARH also sells a replacement which is superior to the original.

Other things can go wrong, but I think I've hit the high points.

Check the aluminum forearm screw yoke (the screw under the cocking lever that holds it to the receiver) is tight, and there is no damage to the cocking shoe.  I think that is the stock bracket Roadworthy mentioned. Also check the crown and baffles to make sure there is no obstructions.  Sounds like maybe a piston or breech seal issue. These issues sure can be frustrating. Might even try some pointed pellets, I know, odd, but I have a friend with a TX200HC in.22cal having similar issues and he has found the pointed pellets to group better in his troubled gun. Please keep us informed of your findings, and good luck with solving the issues.

Some Tx's (mine was one of them) came through with cracked pistons right from the factory.  That could raise a lot of cane with pellet speed which would affect accuracy.

I decided to try every .22 pellet I had around and show you some groups. All are from 22 yards, 5 shot groups and all are bag rested except for the FTT groups on which I also tried resting on a roll of paper towels. I seem to be getting worse the more I shoot.

Then I had a bit of a surprize. I tried the heaviest pellet I had left over from a pcp I used to have, JSB 18.1's. The gun actually shot a decent group. Then I got out the control gun, my 97, and shot one 5 shot group. The 1st shot was a little low, but the rest were OK.

Anyway, never thought to try the 18.1 before. If I ad more pellets, domed, pointed or otherwise, I would try those too.

I will take the stock off and check the bracket/yoke. Had the gun apart yesterday and inspected the cocking shoe and everything else. The guide is a loose fit and the sgring ends aren't the smoothest. I had filed them down a bit on a previous breakdown, but they are by no means flat. Looking down the muzzle, it appears to be off center a bit. I asked about it on another forum, but the only comment I got was that TX's never have clipping issues. I talked to someone else about how to get the sleeve off and was told the sleeve and baffels are now removeable. Too bad...I would like to try it with them removed.

Will chrony the 18.1's later too. Never thought pellets that heavy would be what the gun would prefer. Still surprized at how badly so many normally good pellets shot. Literally like a shotgun.


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