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Big Bore Air Gun Hunting in Maine

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--- Quote from: Jeff m on March 26, 2016, 02:39:36 PM ---I have contacted the state rep.  in my area to try & open up big bore air gun hunting in our state . It looks like all the rules pertaining to this need to be gone over. So that means it will need extensive time to do & they will not even start till next year at the soonest! I'm afraid it will be quite some time before any headway is made!

--- End quote ---

I don't understand this post.  It is alread legal to hunt anything with any airgun as per state statute 12 section 21.
I've confirmed this with the DIFW in Augusta and with 2 wardens. they ALL said the same thing. Airgun hunting is legal for ALL animals EXCEPT nightime raccoon which is 22LR only  and turkey whichnis archery and shitgun only.

NO new laws or politicians are needed.


Jeff m:
I was talking with IF&W in Augusta last week , they informed me it was not legal to hunt anything in the state with air gun ! I don't know if they were just trying to be difficult or what? Maybe she was full of ----- . She did look in some law book & read me some law , blablabla not legal to hunt with air powered gun!  I contacted a local warden & asked him . He did not see a problem with it. So I have been going in circles!

she was full of @$%^.

Title 12 section 21 reads

21. Firearm.  "Firearm" means any instrument used in the propulsion of pellets, shot, shells or bullets by action of gunpowder, compressed air or gas exploded or released within it.

so therefore an airgun is defined as a firearm in Maine, I've had a sergeant and the local warden verify this.
the only grey area is the suppressor / barrel shroud / LDC whatever you want to call it.
but now that hunting with a suppressed firearm is legal. you would only have to get a permit for it.  You'd probably have to bring the air gun into Augusta, or maybe just call and meet with your local warden to show him it.

I highly recommend calling Augusta and ask them to have your local warden call you. they're the one you're going to be seeing in the woods.  and it went a LONG way for me when I meet with mine and showed him some of my AGs, and had him shoot some of them.  as with many people he didn't know about the newer high power AGs and was impressed. Most people (including the secretary you spoke with) think Daisy red rider when you ask them about airguns.

if I ever meet him again in the woods, He'll know exactly what I've got. if it's not him I meet, then it's as simple as "OH I met with Warden Merrifield and he said it was OK after shooting this"

Jeff m:
Thanks for the confirmation. Some of the people that work for the state do not have the correct information pertaining to air guns. Thanks again, Dave.

Jeff m:
Just figured I would share some info. It may save someone else a big run around. It is not legal for a prohibited person to hunt anything in Maine., until you have obtained a muzzle loader permit from the state . Once you have this permit you can purchase a hunting license that will allow you to hunt. I have been told that as long as the gun has sufficient energy it is legal to hunt big game , deer ,bear, & moose. Happy hunting!


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