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The first poll showed that most people wanted no distinction between pellets and bullets, or calibers.... and more people voted that all gun types be treated the same.... but it was close, so I felt another poll, addressing that specific question was a good idea.... Since there is no inherent difference in accuracy between all the types of pneumatics (PCP, pumpers, or CO2), I phrased the question as above.... If you have specific comments, let's hear them!....


I suppose Bob its according to how far you would be shooting. David

I have never tried to shoot a springer at ranges longer than 30yrds so I cannot really say. 
If there is a significant difference (someone else please educate me), I think increasing the MOA should make it . . . fair?

I get my rear kicked all the time in the GTA matches by springers.

I don't know much about pcp/co2/pumpers. With my .177 470th I can hit 3 inch bulls at 100 yards consistently if it's not to windy. So I guess at 100 yards same size targets. Haven't shot the 56th or 350 pc enough to know about them.

But that suggest another question I don't know the answer to. Are springer and gas ram that different?


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