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I am reluctant to post this, because I haven't been involved in the formation of the Long Range Club, and don't want to step on any toes.... So let me start with an apology if I am out of line.... However, there doesn't seem to be any consensus about what form the qualification at different ranges should take.... Perhaps by taking a Poll of the guys who are interested we can propose some logical rules that will please most.... You can vote for as many or as few choices as you want, and you can change your vote, the poll closes in 7 days.... If there is a concensus, perhaps we can use another Poll to refine the ideas if necessary.... For now, let's address the basics.... Please comment below where appropriate....


I filled out my preferences.... I want to see the target scaled to the range, any range over 100 yards allowed.... Target to qualify for membership between 1 Milliradian (3.6" at 100 yards) and 4 MOA (4.19" at 100 yards), to be determined.... Rankings can be established by group size, 5 shot group, but all hits must be within the qualifying target (eg. 4 MOA circle).... 3 hits out of 5 qualify for membership, after that group size determines ranking.... Hunting shots count (to be determined, eg. Ground Squirrel at 100 yards or more qualifies, period!).... All calibers, ammo, and airgun types shoot straight up, you specify what you used....


I'm sorry I'm bad with numbers.  so for example, what size target would I need to hit 3 out of 5 shots at say 100, 500, or 1000 yards to qualify, using the model you propose?

also I don't really know how big a ground squirrel is but I have lots of fox squirrels here.  I can almost always get clean head shots on them out to 70 yards.  (cant do the same on paper but that's a different issue)  their heads are about 1 and a quarter to two inches in diameter.  longest ive hit was 127 yrds.  but those kinds of opportunities arely present themselves.  usually I get to take shots between 30 and 80 yrds

My preference is to use the Milliradian (1/1000th the distance to the target) for all ranges.... This is the distance between MilDots at that range.... That would be:

3.6" at 100 yards
7.2" at 200
10.8" at 300
40 cm at 400 metres = 15.8" at 1/4 mile
18" at 500
36" at 1000 yards

While the size of target is scaled exactly to the distance, the difficulty in hitting it increases, because the effect of the wind is 4 times as great at twice the range.... This will make the really long distances very hard to achieve, as it should be, IMO....

Your experience with Fox Squirrels is similar to mine with Ground Squirrels, similar size target and ranges.... I have one kill at 106 yards, on the second shot.... We can probably come up with a system to rate hunting shots to group size for the rankings.... something for future discussion how to do that....

EDIT: thinking about it, to tie this in with the rankings below, a 4 MOA target makes more sense.... :-[


Here is an example of what we might use for rankings.... Group size for 5 shots, measured C-T-C, all shots must touch the qualifying ring on the target (eg. the 4 MOA ring)....

Member - 3 of 5 shots touch 4 MOA target ring.
Marksman - 3 MOA group
Sharpshooter - 2 MOA group
Expert - 1 MOA group
Master - 1 MOA group, all shots touching the 2 MOA ring



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