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Author Topic: AIR TANKS PLUS...WOW!!!  (Read 583 times))

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« on: May 22, 2020, 04:59:21 PM »
I wanted to give a huge shoutout to AIR TANKS PLUS.  I have had one of their Stikman fill assemblies for a number of years now, maybe as much as four years now.  Of the three fill assemblies that I have, The Stikman is by far the best, and in a league of its own.

Anyways, I sent an email to them asking if one of their check valves listed on the site would fit my Stikman.  There was nothing really wrong, but did have the spare port check valve sticking after non-use for many years, and I wanted to start using that port.  I received a phone call back from Gene who asked what was wrong specifically.  I told him and he insisted that I send it in for repair, which I didn't really think was necessary, but then I mentioned the face of the gauge was cracked.  He then pressed more that that's more the reason to send it in, so I agreed.

No more than 4-days after they received it, with shipping back, I received it back, and it is a brand new one obvious to see.  My only expense was the cost to ship it to them.  I don't know how anyone can top that kind of service way out of any possible warranty.

I thank Gene and Air Tanks Plus for developing the best fill assembly available, and for their unmatched customer service.
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