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Author Topic: Wild Hogs are on the move.  (Read 523 times))

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Wild Hogs are on the move.
« on: March 02, 2020, 02:28:49 PM »
Yes the Hogs are starting to become quite active lately. I have seen a lot of signs of rooting all around the property and on the highway right away. I spied a “Pocket Pig” (10 lb youngster) last Sunday crossing the highway so the sows have fairly new litters already.

Tonight over 30 whitetail were seen within the 19 mile stretch of highway, part of which runs in front of my property. The bulk of the deer were within a 2 mile stretch.

More importantly since Whitetail season is past till fall, wild hogs were sighted at the front edge of the property around 8PM CST. There was a group of at least 4 hogs of around 150 to 250 pound size rooting around for johnsongrass rhizomes.

A late brief snow last month of 6″ to 8″ has made the ground very workable by the hogs and the elevated temperatures in the upper 60’s to upper 70’s are causing both plant and animal to revive from the mild winter we had this time.

If the Spring rains occur in abundance then there just might be a LARGE bumper crop of on the hoof pork available for hunting.

I am also planning to trap smaller hogs in the range of 60 to 150 lbs to provide live for butchering for a nominal fee to non hunters and hunters too.

If you have seen the Dog Soldiers Video hog hunting with the Umarex Air Saber you have seen the type of terrain you will be hunting in here at the ranch. His hunting area is about 20 miles south of me on a old schoolmate and one time co-workers property.

As usual there are plenty of opportunities to hunt Coyotes as well.

Use the contact form at the link below  to inquire about opportunities for hog hunting or trapped live porkers for BBQ’s or the freezer.
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