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Author Topic: We would like to acknowledge and thank . . . (October 2014)  (Read 2743 times))

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We would like to acknowledge and thank . . . (October 2014)
« on: November 01, 2014, 01:52:18 AM »
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our latest contributing members to the GTA Forums fund.  Our membership contributions are what make our great forums possible. Also, if your donations were sent as a contribution for the raffle, good luck!

October 2014 - coaxialtasko, avator, Pappy, JOEBOSS, mpbby, longdx, jimdaero, NJhunter, Smoketown, More_Ammo, Dockey 454, springer, Ol'DeadEye, 19Sheridan57, sfttailrdr46, Briar Patch, Bill L., cryptoad, fatmatic, AmBraCol, Goeffrey_K, uglymike, lloyd-ss, Jd10ac, Chartheguru, topwaterjim, NHGuide, Motorhead, Palonej, gard72977, longdx, Anonymous

September 2014 – Roadworthy, Briar_Patch, Scottycoyote67, Yarp, avator, TC, Anonymous, Dockey_454, Geoffrey_K, daveb50, D-RIG, GKU, kristoff1313, Airgunner.Jay, mudduck48, palonej, NHGuide, smack6969, JOEBOSS, TleVta, longdx, Bill_L., Gesshoku, FNG54, bratsch, mrdo1, Datasponge, Norm M, Evan

August 2014 – JOEBOSS, Lloyd-ss, Busta_Cap, clgraham82, dv8eod, TleVta, sfttailrdr46, avator, tnlittle1, UCChris, chuckinohio, dseven, Louisq, BeltFedEd, Ol’DeadEye, D-RIG, stbecker, Pappy, long_gun, Bill_L., chimpmunkplinker, Checco, cryptoad, cw2048, xdguy, RudyN, dennis-baker, Shooter_AC, QVTom, avator, grhouse, kingdomofthieves, Dockey_454, andeanshot, wjjones, smack6969, JOEBOSS, brushog65, Trophyhunter49, palonej

July 2014 – darrenf, Evan, avator, Briar_Patch, Anonymous, BillK, RatRacer, More_Ammo, CarsonRatSniper, deliminator, Kallysan, jfrey, USAF_Vet, CurrentResident, Geoffrey_K, nomobux, TleVta, davevabch, Speedly, Sandspike, sfttailrdr46, Gtownjake, Vertguy, Smoketown, datilD, Ol’DeadEye, palonej, HYspd, oneied, Montoya87410, RHytonen, Dockey454, brzryder, dk1677, Steveoh, Bill_L., habanero69er, FuzzyGrub, Norm_m, Pappywith4, Robertsails, luther, Checco, Gesshoku, Busta_Cap, JOEBOSS, Nod, fatmatic, eaSTS9. FNG54, maraudernwalker, dennis-baker, Chadtheguru, Afmuse76. Tobar832, Dakota, brzryder, milo, Pappy, FamilyMan811, Cloud_9, too2tuff, smack 6969, Ckistner, larspawn,

June 2014 – JTB530, darrenf, dougroundup, vinenator, D-RIG, yochi800, Rdsail, Bill_L., sfttailrdr46, TF89, Yarp, Ol’DeadEye, oneied, BillK, rhg, FuzzyGrub, Baltim0re28, plinker99, Rayc384, Pappy, Cruizer, More_Ammo, chibasan, JR, Austin_E, Scrambler82, Anonymous, George, Tommy, makai, luther, DonH, Dockey_454, palonej, FamilyMan811, dennis-baker, eaquila, Mike_B, JOEBOSS, bnations, topwaterjim, BadKarma, rsterne, Sleeper.M, O2gunz, sr1sws, Oldblades, maraudernwalker, Geoffrey_K, habanero69er, TKO22, TleVta, garczar6, EKIM

May2014 – palonej, More_Ammo, luther, martin69, Lloyd-ss, Dockey_454, cilami, Geoffrey_K, Davio, spider1960, havenofear, Chopstopher, JohnSC

April 2014 – cryptoad, topwaterjim, Oldnoob, Bill L., Anonymous, More_Ammo, cilami, maven, eeler1, Dockey454, sfttailrdr46, martin69, BenjiHunter, Paperpunch1, wicki67, Inovairtech, Yarp, stalwart, palonj, peterbright

Many of our fellow members shown here have donated more than once. If you would like to donate or see the many donations made by GTA members, you may visit the “Donations” page here…

We would like to thank each of you for your financial support

The contributions received from the members in this section will be used exclusively to pay for the monthly fees/costs of our ongoing forum operation.

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