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Trigger and Accuracy


So, some time ago, I bought and installed a GRT III trigger. I rushed it and didn't even lube it an I still loved it.

Over time, though, it seemed to lose its lustre. I'm guessing that the vibration and wear has taken its toll, as it was getting pretty hard to pull the trigger. In fact, I was noticing that I was spraying pellets all over the place at 22 yds. I thought it was my hold. I loosened, I tried using a rest. I tried seating the gun then loosening up. I tried a tighter and loser cheek weld.

I was still not happy. Then I said, cripes, this trigger is just a bit hard to pull. I tightened the first stage to just shy of impeding the safety, and I adjusted the 2nd stage to a shorter pull.

Seems that it was so hard to pull before that my squeeze was pulling my shots off. Immediately they started landing in much better. I only got 5 shots off but they were all within 1". I'll work on this some more, but it seems to me that I would be well advised to take the trigger apart again, feel for burrs and lube it up. I love a nice short sensitive trigger pull and in a hold sensitive gun like mine, I need it.

Any tips or thoughts?


A light crisp trigger is essential to achieving better accuracy.  The groups tighten up immediately after some trigger work or polish & lube. 

The better the trigger, the tighter your groups, saying it plainly. 

Like you said, perhaps the trigger group has just gotten "gunked up" during time.  Pop it out, clean it out, re-lube and I think you'll be back in the bullseye :)

It amazing what  a little bit of moly can do when it's needed.  :)



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