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First Blood for my Crosman 362

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I managed to get a chipper with my Crosman 362 yesterday afternoon.  I tried 8 pumps but the wad cutters didn't seem to like anything
over 6 pumps and I settled for that.  Next time I get out with it I'll bring along my 19.6 grain meplats instead and try those out int it at
30 yards to see how they do.  They did really good at thirty yards with great accuracy at 25-30 yards though and were pretty much
spot on though, Next time I get out with it I pin up a target for testing the 19.6 greain meplat Hunters in it.

Nice shot Wayne!

Thanks Dave !!!

 Good to see the 362 can do it, I have not had a chance to bloody any of mine as of yet. Good shooting Wayne, keep us up to date on the next pellet test. :)

Nice work, Wayne! Crosman touted this as a hunter, but I think yours is the first hunting video I've seen.


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