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New invader brought her young

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Around 3:30pm today my wife alerted me of a G-hog near the tool shed.  I looked out the window and it appeared to be the same one that I have seen at the neighbor's backyard a couple of times.  I scanned my yard around as usual and see 2 little G-hogs on the other side of the shed!  1 of them seemed to be limping (probably got attacked by an adult G-hog).  She brought them here to abandon them.  I have seen this a few times before.  The female will bring her young to the burrow under the shed (or dig a new one for them) and leave them to be on their own just before it gets dark, or the next morning. 

It's now 5:45pm and I am done with work. She is still out there and has all the signs of a G-hog who is about to part with her young.  She goes in & out of the burrow frequently, looks around a lot, starts to leave like goes 25-30 yards away from the shed, and comes back.  They do this a few times because of the motherly instinct not to abandon their young, but they eventually find the strength to leave them the same day or the next once they have secured a burrow for them.

So now I am thinking maybe I can help her abandon her young and not have to go through all that stress :)  I am also still going through withdrawals from shooting a G-hog 2-3 weeks ago, and if I wait she 'll take off and I am only left with the 2 little troublemakers who are not as challenging to take out.

Time now 6:15pm and I am all set up downstairs with the side door opened about a foot and the Benji Akela .22 resting on a pillow on top of a couple of large cardboard boxes 12ft back from the door, with my butt on the floor looking through the 3-12x44 UTG 30mm scope at 10x. It didn't take long for her to pop her head up.  I didn't cut the lawn on Sunday because it rained so I can barely see her head in the tall grass.  I could only see a black "dot" which is her eye that stuck out among the tall grass blades.  So I estimated and put the crosshairs about 1"-1.25" behind the eye and tried to control my breathing and steady the Akela.  I squeezed and heard a loud crack-like thud.  I knew it was a good shot as I watched the eye close on impact and the head drop.  I lost sight of it so I quickly walked up to the shed and saw the 1 year old G-hog take its last breath in the same spot I shot at it at.

It was actually almost a perfect shot between eye & ear.  23.5 yards with JSB 18.1 @ 920fps.  Got on the scale with it and it weighed 7.2 pounds.  Typical of a 1yr old in the late Spring.  Tomorrow I will try to deal with her offspring if they are still around before they split up and start digging under my foundation like most of the young G-hogs have done in the past (not sure why - adults don't mess with my foundation as much).

First pic is the way I found her.  Looks like she is resting or stalking something, and the POI is visible on the left side of the head. She didn't move at all.

Great shooting and also a great story!  Sounds like you had a regular snipers hide set up!

Great shot on that G-hog!

Great shot on that Ghog Harry !!!  I'm still at #1 yet, luckily I haven't seen one in my back yard yet, I have been seeing them at the state land but only crossing the 2 tracks.  Not sure if Tim
will be planting there this year, it's possible he might not be because of the price of fuel these days.

Direct hit Harry.... great shot.


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