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   What I am looking for is gun, pellet and weight and distance.
 So I'll start with Went to my target shooting spot with a 1322 steal breach 12" barrel and a red dot scope.
I was shooting at 35 yards using several different pellets Crossman 14.3gr Ult Mag, Crossman Dome 13.7gr, Dome,
JBS Dome 15.89gr and a couple others. At that distance all hit the 50cent piece or smaller bullseye the JBS Dome 15.89gr hit a 500 pellet container bottom the hardest, all of the pellets went threw it. So I kinda think with shot placement (dead Rabbit)

 I'm thinking of doing some hunting and Not liking wounding and thinking if a guy had to for food.

If you answer in part or a of the question I think it would make interesting reading.
I go out to kill paper almost every day with different a gun and when I do I,ll post it.
What do you hunt with gun, pellet +weight and distance?

I hope this is not stepping out of bounds with any forum rules.

Lee, I've only done some pesting on ground squirrels and starlings with my .22 RAW HMx LRT Chassis and have taken both species out to 120yds with it. It is tuned to shoot 18gr pellets @ 950fps and NSA 17.5gr slugs @ 935fps. It is a a bit heavy rig and there are lighter options out there mostly in a bullpup platform like RTI, FX, Taipan, Cricket, Brocock among others. Depends on what you want to hunt should determine what caliber and gun and power capabilities.

Blowpipe Sam:
I favor .22 for hunting though I am edging toward .25.  I have taken a lot of squirrels with just 14.3gr CPHP.  14.6gr H&N FTT are another standard hunting pellet for me.  16 and 18gr Air Arms Diabolo Field domed pellets shoot very accurately in nearly all my .22ís and are becoming my current favorites. All of these pellets perform well in a variety of my guns from 12 fpe to 25 fpe

I really like the big 25.39gr JSB Kings in 25 caliber and the 25.4gr AA Field Heavies are my choice in .25 although 27gr H&N Crow Magnums are very handy for close range pesting with my Hatsan Striker.  Itís a real snake charmer!

You should do well with the 1322 hunting rabbits.  Rabbits only require 3 ft.lbs of energy on impact with a shot to the head/brain.  I used to take them with 4.5 to 5.5 fpe .177 pumpers at 12-15 yards 40+ years ago.  They were always DRT with well placed head shots.

Nowadays I use mostly .22 and .25 for squirrel and groundhog, occasional possum and raccoon, and Starlings in the winter.  Everyone hunts with what they have but most of us have our favorite hunting rifles (or pistols), and usually those are the ones that are very accurate and we feel confident with.  If a gun I own is a tack driver, then it's usually 1 of my favorite hunting guns.  For me that's 3/8" CTC at 25 yards - the distance I do my pest hunting >90% of the time.

I;m shooting off a pickup tail gate using a tiypod made from 1/2" PVC
Today it was my Benjamin 392 turn. 35 yds, 8 pumps and a scale of 1 to 3---3 means no rabbit
JBS Diabold 18.13gr gets a -1 group a little scattered needs 1 click up and 1 to the left
JBS "          15.89gr Gets a 1 good group 1 click to Left needed hang a rabbit over the camp fire
Crossman Domed 13.7       1 good group but needs 2 clicks up and 2 clips 2 left---2 dead rabbits
Crossman Premier 14.3       2 bad group all over                                   No rabbit
Crossman Prem Ult Mag     -2 Very bad group                                       No bunny
Rugar Super Point  17gr      +1  tight group   needs 1 click up and 1to R     best so far, indeed camp meat 

Some of the scattered POI might because me a little shaky.
And tomorrow I think I'll go to 45yds from a table and gun cushions


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