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Author Topic: Playing With My C362 And CPHP's  (Read 208 times))

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Playing With My C362 And CPHP's
« on: May 22, 2022, 01:15:51 PM »
Shot my C362 today to do some testing with CPHP's because they are cheap for short range 35 yd shooting for HOSP's, Starling size pest.

Looking for ~ 6fpe at the 35 yard range. Don't want to pump more than 5 pumps for sure, hoping 3 pumps does the trick, but I have my doubts. I can get more poop with another pellet but if your doing a lot of shooting, pellets are getting more and more expensive rapidly ! Yes, I will use Monsters and/or Seneca Domes as they have lots of smash with 6 to 7 pumps in the 35-40 yard range. I shoot pumpers in the 25-35+ yards range, 40 yards with a pumper is pretty much out of my personal comfort zone.

The gun I'm shooting today is sighted in with Monsters going out at 470fpe with 6 pumps (My pigeon load), it's a short range heavy hitter because of the weight of the pellet and because of its' weight, the pellet has a lot of momentum and smash.

IMHO pumpers are a different animal, a very capable game getter if heavy for caliber pellets are used for those 25-35+ yard shots.

For this shooting session I'm using CPHP's that can be had at Walmart for $6.24 for 500ea. This ammo is for shooting cans and eliminating small pest only ! I don't want to spend on pellets for the cost of what 22lr was a few years ago for smacking cans and eliminating HOSPS and Starlings. I'll save my expensive heavy ammo for times it is needed.

I'm shooting using 3,4 and then 5 pumps to see what I get !!

14.3gr CPHP Test !

3 Pumps average of 5 shots
Muzzle Vel=442fps - Energy=6.20fpe
35 Yard Vel=365fps - Energy=4.23fpe

4 Pumps average of 5 shots
Muzzle Vel=502 - Energy=8.00fpe
35 Yard Vel=414 - Energy=5.44fpe

5 Pumps average of 5 shots
Muzzle Vel=547- Energy=9.50fpe
35 Yard Vel=452 - Energy=6.54fpe

Well I was hoping 3 pumps would give me the minimum of ~6 fpe at 35 yards, but it's not to be --- 4 pumps is an absolute minimum for Starlings and under size pest (not only because of the energy level but the pellet trajectory). 5 pumps put the energy solidly where I need it for 35 yard-ish shots for Starlings and other small pests, it makes a solid showing for my use with these pellets.(Notice with 5 pumps it has over the energy of 3 pumps at the muzzle) !

All shots were on for windage but elevation varied with # of pumps --- at 25 yards with 5 pumps elevation was about 3+ inches or so higher than 3 pumps.

This gun is equipped with a Williams peep sight and a small Cyelee brand red dot sight (a very good little 3" red dot). I wanted a light field gun and she is a beauty, pic below :

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Re: Playing With My C362 And CPHP's
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2022, 02:22:09 PM »
Thanks - I'll be doing some chrono work with 811 at some point so now I have something to compare with, I appreciate the post.

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Re: Playing With My C362 And CPHP's
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2022, 02:50:14 PM »
Here are my 362 chrono with Dremel rounding of valve exhaust port
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Re: Playing With My C362 And CPHP's
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2022, 03:51:01 PM »
Tis part of the reason I went to a .177 Maximus barrel on one of mine...

copy from another thread...

  it is the cpum 10.5g that it likes for cheap and all around... got a haul of them at about 7$ a tin back in march...I just checked and well the are 10$ for 500 right now... so that is my 2 cents(per shot).. ;) up from about 1.4 cents per shot... back in 2012-14 was getting the .177 super cheap at WW.. ;)

If ya leave it long barreled just with the stock valve... here are the #'s mine hit.. 8)

JSB 13.43g Monsters... with 8 pumps...  spits em out at 692 fps for about 14.3 fpe

10.5g CPUM... 4 pumps 603 fps/8.49 fpe....6 pumps 695 fps/11.25 fpe...8 pumps 761 fps/13.5 fpe...

7.9g CPHP 8 pumps  833 fps/12.18 fpe

7.4g C Points... 8 pumps  859 fps/12.1 fpe

My best accuracy has been with the CPUM at 7 pumps at 722 fps...

it did seem to have very slight harmonic probs with the long barrel at higher pumps... then I got the 24" 2260 barrel on my other 362 which among other probs had harmonic issues...

well I had the idea about the long pump tubes effect on the rifle...putting tension on the barrel at higher pumps...

So I loosened the barrel band grub screw, gave it 8 pumps and then tightened...helped the .22 a bunch... did it with the .177 and the slight vertical stringing with AA 10.3 went away... Anyways getting consistently getting moa with CPUM and the AA now...of course I mess up here and there but the rifle itself I feel is moa...

 Need to retest the rest of my pellets now and at different pumps/velocity...

been struggling a bit with the .22 but that is another story... the .177 well was a near effortless tune...

Oh did a quick velocity test with the Seneca Dome 16.1g  ... 8 pumps gets 611 fps/13.4 fpe... 10 pumps 657/15.4...

 did the ten pumps to see what a modded valve would beat... increasing volume from .1 ci stock to .13 ci ten pumps will be 100 psi less than stock at 8 pumps and 11 pumps about 100 psi over...

17-18 fpe in .177 with valve volume, mild porting & Mrod poppet mods seems pretty achievable with 11 pumps... Strain on the rifle would be about the same as stock...
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PC77 steel breech 18.7" barrel,  700 fps @ 15 & 755 @ 20 pumps with 7.4g Crosman points

1322 steel breech 14.5" barrel, 640-650 fps @ 22 pumps w/14.3g CPHP

1322 MLT steel breech 19" barrel, 682 fps @ 22 pumps w/14.3g CPHP,  13xx/66 hybrid

1322XLT 22" barrel, 700 fps  @ 11 pumps & 750 @ 16 w/14.3g CPHP,   13xx/2100 hybrid

MK-1322 steel breech 22" barrel, 750 fps @ 17 pumps & 805 @ 22 w/14.3g CPHP,   Mk-177/2240/13xx hybrid

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Re: Playing With My C362 And CPHP's
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2022, 06:01:24 PM »
Wow guys, Thanks for all the info.

Ya, all my innards are stock and pretty much as it comes from the factory minus the steel breech and the sights.

This gun as are my other C362's all perform very well and are very consistent. i really like the light weight, yet solid feel of this gun. It is a joy to carry out in the field for sure !

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