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For Jim , Chipper #19


You think they are gone and then another one pops up  :D , I was watching a tree rat ( wishing it was tomorrow) and then I saw this guy in about the same spot as the last one I got. I grabbed the Disco loaded a Kodiak and aimed for the sweet spot , It hit just a little back of his left ear and exited out the right chest, he flipped over and was gone in a few seconds.

good job
nice shooting!

Nice shooting Dave!  I guess they are like my Groundhogs.  They keep popping up when you think you 've seen the last of them, hehehe. 

I think this is a first in my 3yrs here - a Kodiak used on a little Chipmunk!  But hey you know me, I am all for big and powerful  ;D  I do it with squirrels and a lot more FPE than a Disco  ;)

Thanks 1377 and Harry! Yea its a little over kill but its what I have it sighted in with :D

Nice pop.  I have not seen my "Last Munk Standing" but if and when I get him, I'm sure that will only make room for more to move in.  It's a vicious cycle.


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