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Target height


Odd question for you guys.

I have made a target box, and am planning on making a stand for it.  I would like to get things as close to "real" as possible for shooting.  Is there a regulation height or anything that the target needs to be at?  I am never going to be doing anything competition but want to have something that is standard if you will.

In 3-gun, the steel silhouettes were average person height at the top. My pellet trap is 5' tall and extends 14" down and 16" wide.


From the National Standard 3 Position Air Rifle rules:

Prone position 0.5 meters (19.7 in.) ( 10 cm. or 4 in.)
Standing position 1.4 meter (55 in.) ( 5 cm. or 2 in.)
Kneeling position 0.8 meters (31.5 in.) ( 10 cm. or 4 in.)

These measurements are for 10 meters and are measured to the center of the target.

ISSF rules for 10 AR/AP
Target center must be within 1.40 meters +/- 0.05 meters measured from the level of the firing point floor.

Which matches @bberg7794 standing position height.


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