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Another tough squirrel

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I shot another squirrel a few minutes ago.  I saw it low on the killing tree headed up.  It was smart enough to rapidly go to the back side of the tree where I could not see it.  So I waited a few minutes.  I've had them stop somewhere they are not visible before so I wait them out.  She reappeared at a large squirrel's next about 30 feet up in the oak.  I don't think she has been using it, I haven't seen her up there, I think she was checking it out.  It was really nice here today with the temperature over 60 but it is going to get cold and rainy tomorrow and Friday.  Anyway, when she got to the nest I had the window open and lined her up.  I hit the near side shoulder and there was no exit.  I found the pellet against the opposite rear leg under the hide.  It did not do more than just scrape the rear leg.  But it penetrated the length of this 12 ounce female.  She still managed to go down vertically about 8 feet and halfway around the tree.  That's a lot of movement for a squirrel with a hole through her.  When she dropped she did not move. 

I'll include a picture of the impact side of the squirrel and the two legs that were impacted with the pellet laying on the front leg.  It looks almost good enough to shoot again.  I don't think it hit any big bones.  I was using my P35 shooting H&N FTT in 25 caliber about 875 fps. 

Jim, great shot on a very tough one..especially with a .25 cal pushing 43 ft/lbs! Nice pic. H&N lead is so much harder than JSB lead..I shoot both into my metal trap and there is a big sound difference with the H&N a much higher pitch in sound at contact.

Nice shot Jim!

Thanks guys. 

Way to go, Jim.  You got that one - no crawl away to die.


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