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1st rattus of 2022

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--- Quote from: kbstingwing on January 28, 2022, 01:41:43 AM ---Nice shooting Randall, I need some my way, only short visits lately...

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Kevin! Thank you so much sir! If I could, I would send some your way! Hope all is well with you!

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All's good, I woke up..... :o :o :o lots of Arthritis pain in the Back, shoulders and the knees, but I'm still tinkering, Picked up a Shin Sung Fire 201 9mm, it's basically an early Sam Yang 909 in 9mm, fixed the leaks, made a Moderator, almost done, just need a 12mmx1 tap and a fill probe, I ordered the tap and fill probe last night, I wonder what a .357 cal/9mm would do to a Rat... :o :o :o ;D

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Kevin, glad you are doing well! Have you ever tried New Zealand green lipped mussel supplements (Amazon Swanson)? Friend and family have been taking these for some time now for joint mobility associated with arthuritis! Wow...9mm Shin! There wil be no remnants of it remaining when hit by that size projectile...can one say VAPORIZED! Really want to see a video with you nuking a rattus with that! Ha!

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can't do anything with Mussels, got gout, Yeah I got to many afflictions and they all happened at about the same time.... the big 50....
the Shin might get a video if I can find a willing Rattus to be the first volunteer.... ;D ;D ;D
I wound up making a Fill probe from some brass rod stock I had, Works great, A perfect fit, filled the Shin to 3000 psi and it has held for 30 hours now, my leak detector is not picking up any kind of leak, so I think it's good, just waiting for the 12mm x 1 Tap to be able to install my home made Moderator with my Baffle design, it works good on my Buddies Sam Yang 909 .44/45, so it should work great on the Shin 9mm.

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Bummer about the gout...friend has fish and beer are his triggers. Glad you fashioned a nice brass probe and it holds air! Well, I hope you vaporize a rattus with it on video! LOL!


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