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25.4gr AA Diabolo VS ballistic squirrel medium.

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Blowpipe Sam:
Thanks guys. I donít like the weight of this gun and I donít like how muzzle heavy it is.  It is a load to carry through the woods and itís hard to hold steady while aiming.  But it is very accurate and man it does a number on squirrels!

 They sure do deliver a wallop, my first kill with mine was a cottontail at 25 yards, Poly mag, lets just say the result looked similar to a whitetail shot with a high power rifle  ;D

> 27 FPE and it didn't even punch through!?  ???

I'm shooting squirrels through the vitals with 18.1 gr. .22 domes and it blows through them with enough energy left to blow up the dirt on the exit side.

Must be quite the "WHOP" when it hits. No point in even shooting expanding ammo, then.

If you want something a bit lighter but still with enough juice, you might consider a Crosman Diamondback in .22. Mine's shooting at around 22 FPE and is accurate enough for vitals shots out to 25 yards. They frequently go on sale for around $115 without the scope and rings. It's still a magnum gas ram break-barrel, so still muzzle heavy, but I bet nothing like a Hatsan 125.

Or if you want to go fancy, Diana 48s are about that power level and aren't so muzzle heavy, because the barrel doesn't have to double as a cocking lever. I'm gonna get another one of those one day and have it tuned.

Blowpipe Sam:
Iíve got a line on a .22 cal Hatsan Mod 95 right now.  Iíve also got a closet full of 12-20 fpe springers and pumpers.  ;D

 The pellet was stopped by the spine and deflected downward into the abdomen.  It was a real mess in there. 

Iím willing to put up with the weight and bulk of this gun in return for the flat trajectory and terminal performance.  I wish it shot H&N Crow Magnums or Baracuda Hunters well.

 Iíll have to try the poly mags.  Iíve looked at them before and thought they were a bit expensive but now that the gun is well broken in I might chance it.

A moron:
Lol...  Dont know why ,but seen this and your post popped in mind


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