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25.4gr AA Diabolo VS ballistic squirrel medium.

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Blowpipe Sam:
Had a nutter sneak up on me this evening.  I picked a good hunting spot, facing away from the setting sun but after about 20 minutes I could hear a squirrel stirring the leaves behind me.  I had to stand up and turn completely around to see it.  Fortunately it didnít see me.  Range was about 20 yards, slightly uphill, and into the glare of the sun.  I estimated the hold under, aimed for the center of the squirrel silhouette (which was all I could see) and let one go.  There was a most satisfying smack of lead on flesh and the critter rolled a couple of yards down hill, DRT.
The .25 cal AA domes are very accurate in my Hatsan Mod 125 and they generate a healthy 27.53 fpe.
The pellet hit the squirrel in almost the center of its chest, penetrated the rib cage, destroyed the vital organs and continued on until stopped by the spine. Reflexive twitching lasted less than two seconds.  Damage to the vital organs was massive.  I couldnít even find the heart.
Thatís the third nutter Iíve killed with the .25 and it is proving to be very powerful but also surprisingly accurate.

Carter, excellent shot and photo! When they hardly move, you know the projectile did some major damage!

Great shooting and a nice one you got there. A .25cal with 27+fpe is serious medicine on squirrel  ;)

Congratulations!  I've been using a 25 on squirrels this fall and I find it is very effective.

A moron:
Makes me glad im not a squirrel trekking across your yard 😜


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