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It feels good to be getting back to shooting 10m.  Its been a long time but for a rare GTA post.  I hope to continue to shoot a few times a week between pistol and rifle and bring the scores up to where I was many years ago. 
Here is my Daisy 753.  We put the chunk of stock on her many moons ago when I was competing in HighPower Rifle, and needed offhand work.  Its got a Redfield Olympic Front sight with a post, and so far (two houses later) Im still not running across any apatures for it.

Anyway I hope everyone had a good weekend and see you around the board.

Daisy 753 Crosman Premier 7.4 Wadcutters
I score it a 170/200-0x Standing no support.


If you want a heavier stock, the composite (plastic) 953 stock is heavier, and it has the 753 profile.
I swapped out the wood 853 stock and it made a difference, for me.
Although in HOT ambient temp, the 953 stock is reported to flex a tiny bit.

I weighted it with lead when we made the barrel weight.  Itís got a nice balance and Iím good.  Thanks, I appreciate knowing those things. 
I think Iím about 18 months away from a PCP 10m rifle.  Till then this ones gonna keep me pretty happy.

I have a FWB P70-jr, but I still enjoy shooting the 853.

Love my .177 Beeman AR2078B side lever co2. Also have the AR2078 thumb hole. Both are scoped.


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