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My take on the Cold Steel Cold Shot plastic broadheads

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Since I have been playing around with the 3d printer a lot I decided to see what I could come up with as an answer to the Cold Steel Cold Shot single use plastic hunting broadheads.

So far what I have made is solid 100% infill PETG and weighs in at 103.8 gr. So not completely out of the ballpark as far as tip weight goes since most tips run 100-150 gr. The head is 1.75" wide, screws into the shaft firmly, and is pointy enough that I don't like poking myself with it while being safe enough that I can't cut myself on an edge by accident. For a single shot use at 500+ fps it may actually work!

Next I will be making a printed nock that has a 9mm circular cap instead of a nock slot, to fire arrows out of my Challenger .357 without having to buy rubber bumpers to use as airbolt nocks.

very cool. looking forward to some test results.

You could probably make some side money 3d printing caps for air bolts. It's hard to find .45/.46" caps that will fit an arrow shaft.

After a little bit of playing around in Vectary, I have managed to successfully design and print nocks to turn my regular arrows into airbolts. Previously I had used 9mm rubber bumpers hot glued into the shaft, removed the vanes and that worked too well. As in field pointed arrow flew through my 18" thick heavy crossbow target and kept going without slowing down too well.

The printed nocks fit into the arrows like regular nocks. My last adjustment has me with a .358 OD and they seem to go through my .357 sizer just fine. Reason for sizing? A fresh printed untouched .358 PETG airbolt nock will get stuck in the barrel while muzzle loading the arrow into my rifle and it will pop out of the arrow tube if it hadn't been put together with some adhesive, causing me to have to take the barrel off to retrieve it. There is a bit of a learning curve and I have been adjusting the size of the arrow tube end of the nock in Vectary manually by eyeball a tiny bit at a time and then printing a test nock to check fitment. The OD of the airgun barrel end of the nock I can adjust easily in Cura just before printing. Getting the two sizes to work together is the hard part. 

Can you incorporate an o ring groove into the nock? That would definitely help with bore sealing and you could lubricate the rings to help with loading.


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