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Condor Has A New Look

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Many of you have seen pics of my .22 Condor lying next to a harvested squirrel or G-hog but she's sporting a new look, courtesy of a new barrel shroud I just installed on her.  The new shroud is much thinner, much shorter and I think provides a much "cleaner" look to the rifle than the old shroud, looking like a natural part of the rifle instead of something that was "added on", which was a concern for me while out in the woods hunting with it and  the gun doesn't have that "broom stick" look to it anymore  :)  Anyway, Harry asked me to take some pics and measurement for him so I thought I'd just post em here in the good old Hunting Gate in case anyone else was interested in taking a look.  To say I'm satisfied with the new shroud would be an understatement.  I bought the same shroud for my Talon a couple of years ago and it worked so well that I thought I'd try one on the Condor and I'm happy to report it works just as well on the Condor as the one on my Talon  :)

I realize this post should probably be in the PCP Gate  but my beloved Condor has been hanging around the good old Hunting Gate for so long I don't think she'd feel comfortable anywhere else :)

Besides, I did talk about how this is going to make her a better hunting rifle so I think I'm on semi solid ground here  :)


That is a sweet weapon Jeff.  I have a soft spot for the Condor.  I was a tough choice between that (in .22) and my Mrod.  I went with the Mrod for quiet operation and multi shot magazine... but the Condor was my first choice for looks and weight.

Looks really good, Jeff.  If you sell the old one let me know....thanks

Thanks guys.

Eric, if I decide to sell the other one I'll definitely let you know.  It is a really great shroud. 


looking deadly brother. :o Ed


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