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enjoying the 5 meter BB match!



My girlfriend Rhonda (Rhonda123) and I have really been enjoying the new 5m BB match and we would like to invite everyone to join us!  It is so convenient to be able to either shoot in the garage or indoors in the hallway.  We're using Red Ryders that we picked up at Walmart for only 25 dollars.  We attach the target to a cardboard box filled with rubber mulch.

5m BB is fun and  more challenging than we imagined.

There are Child and Adult categories.

There is also a mixed doubles category.  We took the idea from the Olympics, they have mixed doubles in 10m air rifle.

Target 31:
That Great what ya'll  are doing..My wife and I have been shooting Air Rifles 35 Years and still Love it...Keep Shooting..

Bryan, do you have a link to the competition?


--- Quote from: Firewalker on January 18, 2022, 04:26:26 PM ---Bryan, do you have a link to the competition?

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In the shooting match gates.  7 matches in 2021. 



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