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Benjamin NP Mark II Trigger Upgrade by Airgun Detectives


We show you how to transform the trigger on your Benjamin Trail NP Mark II break barrel airgun, from a stock 6 lbs to a light pull just under 3 lbs. The best part it will cost you nothing! #staytunedforairgundetectives​​

Ol Roy:
Hey man! Great video, as I also said on YouTube. This is Ol Roy MTB etc. Just got my 3rd Mark II. Actually have done 3 of your trigger jobs so far, with astounding results. In the process now of installing a shoulder stock on the last one. All 3 have shoulder stocks. 1 is completely homemade, no $ spent, just scrap laying around the shed. Set up as cheaply as possible. Second incorporates all store bought parts and pieces, that I had on hand. So, some $ spent at one time or another. Little better optics setup. 3rd is my pride and joy. All store bought parts, assembled per my design style. Went all out on optics, at least for me, lol.  They all work great, and, are a lot of fun. Fixin to email you some pics in the very near future.


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