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Author Topic: GAMO P-85 Ė Co2 Pellet Pistol - Almost A Full Review With AA  (Read 153 times))

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GAMO P-85 Ė Co2 Pellet Pistol - Almost A Full Review With AA
« on: August 18, 2021, 12:28:55 PM »

The Gamo P-85 Co2 Pellet Pistol. I love a realistic pellet/bb guns and this one is definitely realistic! The weight, look, feel, blowback action, drop mag, and recoil oh yeah super realistic! Simple 12-gram Co2 Cartridge design as well as easy eight pellet drop and flip mag! Buy some extra mags, then drop and reload, freakiní awesome!! Before velocity Iím checking out the accuracy because without accuracy who gives aÖ you know what about the power! Power wonít do you any good if you canít hit your target! Accuracy is good at ten feet, I know itís only a short distance, Iíll take it back further when the weather is sufficient for outdoor shooting with Co2. Scratch the power testing for now, Gamo claims it gets 450 FPS with a PBA platinum pellet, I wonít be able to do that testing, it seems my Chronograph needs replaced, until then, Iíll have to leave that part out. As far as ease of operation, comfortability, and accuracy, itís a good one. Like I said love the fact that it shoots .177 cal pellets, a pellet pistol for some reason seems so much cooler than a BB pistol. So for the P-85, I like it, the only drawback for me and itís a personal problem, is my hands are a bit small so as far as a perfect fit for my my small hands, not exactly but still a comfortable, easy and fun shooter! Good one Gamo!

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Re: GAMO P-85 Ė Co2 Pellet Pistol - Almost A Full Review With AA
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2021, 04:14:54 PM »
Hi Angie,

Great review of CO2 pistol. Love my PCPs, but for great fun I always grab a CO2 pistol!

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