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Author Topic: BUG BUSTER cons/pros (yes cons first)!  (Read 298 times))

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BUG BUSTER cons/pros (yes cons first)!
« on: August 17, 2021, 02:29:09 PM »
So far this is my cons/pros list for this scope. I will probably find a use on a 22lr (or PCP later), but this is too heavy for an airgun and has other issues.


- HEAVY! heavier than any other scope I own
- Eye relief not very forgiving (can't mount it close enough for comfort on a plastic breech Crosman 22xx/13xx)
- Cost (if not for the other issues, I'd be okay with the cost)
- Not any clearer than some of my lesser scopes


- Looks cool,
- Compact design (but means it won't mount close enough for eye relief on some guns as stated above)
- Well made
- Clear enough (but not any clearer than some of my lesser scopes)
- Illuminated reticle works very well compared to lesser scopes
- Mil-dot (makes it easier to shoot at various distances)
- Adjustable objective (can focus/fix parallax vs some other scopes that are fixed)

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