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Author Topic: UMAREX USA CO2 PELLET PISTOL AA Takes an In Depth Look at The Walther PPQ  (Read 213 times))

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The Walther PPQ was a fun Co2 Pellet Pistol I got to put my hands on during the Airgun Expo 2021! Its a great little shooter. What do I like about it? Like Ive said before, the realisticness of these replica airguns are amazing. The fact that I can spend a small amount of money a little over one hundred bucks and get to have handgun training at my fingertips, whether I live in town or not. Theyre quiet and definitely backyard friendly. The Walther PPQ from Umarex is super easy to operate and has a 20-shot belt fed mag, which makes gives you a lot more shots at once than most pellet pistols. Its blow-back action gives the feeling of a type of recoil and makes the experience that much more realistic. Get your hands on one of these pellet pistols and get some trigger practice!

Man its a great time to be an airgunner!!!

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