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Getting very close to the 100 mark! :)

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Just when I thought I was all done with the Groundhogs this year and was starting to get used to the idea that I won't see them until next year or a very long time, I got that strange feeling this morning when I woke up, which I usually get before shooting one.  Some 6th sense told me that I may have another one living with us on the property.

I checked the yard around 9am and nothing.  I then got drawn to the shed again and walked over to check for any signs.  The grass in front of one hole under the shed was nice and flat like something had been going in and out and I was hoping it was not a skunk.  But then I little fly flew out of the hole!  That is one of the signs there may be a Groundhog down there!  The probability of having one when 1 or more flies are around the entrance is >99%.

I checked the shed again from a window at 9:30 and 9:45 but nothing.  I figured it was either out this morning already and I missed it, or there 's nothing down there and it's just my imagination, or my addiction and withdrawals are coming back to haunt me.  
At 10am I decided to check one more time before resuming the "search" in the afternoon.  I 'll be danged!  There he was - a good-sized one just inches from the shed looking around.  He had just come out.  He started feeding on my grass and clovers, and getting farther out from the shed but mostly turned away from me.  I waited until he was 25yds out and quickly put the screen window up.  He stopped and looked up as he heard the noise, and I froze.  After a minute he resumed feeding and distancing himself so I backed off from the window.  I set up on the window sill and rested the TT Condor .25 on it.  I started following him with the crosshairs adjusting the A/O as he got farther out.  When he got to 29-30yds, he started changing direction and little by little he was almost broadside but still at an angle.  I decided to take the shot and with crosshairs between eye & ear I squeezed the trigger.  I faintly heard the impact of the 31gr Kodiak amongst the sound of the hammer hitting the valve, and the Groundhog dropped on its side.  He never moved again.  It was one of those very quick/instant kills I get with about 1 out of 8-10 G-hogs.

The shot was precise and no different than other times, with the POI right between eye & ear, except this G-hog was not completely broadside so the Kodiak exited near its mouth on the other side. Anyway, this full-grown adult Male weighed 11.2lbs so it was a good sized one.  I am glad they are still visiting from near-by who knows where.  They just can't resist my tool shed ;D  This was #96.  #100 won't be until next Spring/summer unless a group of youngsters moves in the next couple of weeks  ;)

Since Randy asked me where the weekly G-hog is, I had to shoot 1 more :)

thats a fat boy good shooting.

Fine shootin Harry and great pics as usual.  Personally I think you'll hit 100 this year :)
BTW. I will try and get the condor pics and measurement today, sorry it took me this long but I've been busy as a bee the last couple of days.  Again, good shooting buddy.


Thanks guys.  It was a decent size one but not as fat as that other female a couple of weeks ago.  Still any Groundhog over 10lbs is a worthy prize  ;D

good job
nice shooting!


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