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Author Topic: I accidently shot a bolt out of my 2260  (Read 658 times))

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I accidently shot a bolt out of my 2260
« on: June 14, 2021, 08:41:37 PM »
This is actually how it happened.  I was shooting a "recycled" round ball that rolled out of the trap to see if it would chamber.  It did not and got stuck so I grabbed a crossbow bolt and nocked the ball out.  I accidently scraped the front fletching off. I said to myself, man those things almost fit perfectly in the ~.36 caliber smooth bore!  I can't use the bolt now, maybe I can rip off the fletchings and shoot it out of the gun. 

Like the feather blowing around on puffs of wind in Forrest Gump everything came together like happenstance (supposed to be funny).

I tried one layer of painters tape for a better seal and got 382 fps (not pictured) with 2000psi and RVA all way in for 127 FPE with a 393 gr arrow (no fletching/125gr head) .  Got about 4 shots starting at 2500 psi.

About what my Killer Instincts 405 shoots!

The inaccuracy was amazing at 10 yards so I'm not sure there is much hunting hope.  I'll have to pull apart some more bolts and try at the range when I get out there.  A fletchingless bolt is supposed to work ok in a tuned xbow but I dont know about an airgun.  Maybe I need to print some boat-tail knocks or find some flat ones.  The half moon is not good for an airgun.

Shot through the moderator.  A fun experiment.

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