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***Results Added*** 100 Yard Air Rifle Match #3-2021

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Welcome to the 3rd 100 yard match of 2021.
This match will run for 4 weeks. The rules and targets can be found at the rules and targets thread for this match
Post a scan or picture of the target by the end of the day Sunday June 20, 2021.
If you are not a member of the NUAH Club and would like to join or would like to upgrade your Division standing, your submitted target can be used for that also. Post it as a separate request to call attention to that please. All the rules to becoming a member of the NUAH Club must be followed also.

Please include with your submission:

Score and Group Size
Any other info you would like to share (weather, pictures, etc.)

Have Fun and Enjoy the match.

Results of the third match are:

Kid Shelleen -                  50/50 3X   0.754 ctc

Kid Shelleen -                  50/50 3X   0.754 ctc

Kid Shelleen:
Shot these at our McBride range on Tuesday.  I actually went out to try to work out some kinks on my new FX Maverick .25 cal. but after shooting at the 50 for a while, the wind wasnít too bad so I thought Iíd try a couple at 100 yrds.  First target was horrible. The second target was looking pretty good until my last shot when a gust came from my right rear and took it up into the 7 ring.  If that last shot would have stayed anywhere in the 10 ring, I would have quit and turned that one in.  I shot one more target and I think itís the best 100 yard target Iíve ever shot.  0.754Ē.  The first four shots are better than I usually do at 50 yrds.

Kid Shelleen, FX Maverick .25 cal., 700 mm barrel, Donny Tatsu moderator, JSB 34 gr @ about 900 fps., Athlon Argos BTR 6-24X50
100 yrds.  50/50 3X   0.754"

Oh man, great group Mike. Love it!

Just curious. How big is the ten ring?

nice shootin'


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