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Havenít seen much firsthand experience on this platform other than the world of YouTube. Anyone have any personal experience with it? Bought one today. Should be here next week. I already have the proper bolts due to being a crossbow user.

Here in Tennessee they are legal to hunt with and the idea of a bolt going almost 600 feet a second depending on broad head weight is totally new to me. Perhaps I just get to be the test dummy. Iíve got some perfect, brand new GT bolts and some nice RAGE broad heads for crossbows. Iím hoping they perform well so I donít have to buy some fixed broad heads again. A 2Ē cut from an air-bow would be devastating on a deer. But that will have to be saved for the hunting gate.

Iíll report back once I get to run it through the paces of set-up/testing. I hope it performs well because the opportunity to hunt with airguns exclusively is one I would love to take.

Gonna have to re-think how I need to secured the inserts for the crossbow bolts. The first shot was fine. Went so fast all we saw was the dirt fly up where it embedded itself up to the end in the ground. Only saw it because a tiny bit of orange vane was barely visible.

The second test shot was at a big oak tree with a field point. It blew the field point and insert out and then the bolt, at about 1/3 of the speed it should have been, lodged into the tree and rammed the wood and bark about 1.5Ē into the end of the bolt shaft where the insert should have been.

May try using 5 minute epoxy on a few inserts to see if that holds up. The bolt shaft seems fine and shows no physical damage during the bend test. All part of learning a new platform that barely has a following.

Once I get the bolt inserts figured out, I will be running some numbers and testing accuracy.

A few Pics.

Will add more as I continue to learn the platform.

don't have one of these . . . yet . . . but i am following and learning from your posts.

i heard it said they are quite loud - almost shotgun loud. do you find that to be the case ?

Would say more the sound of a .22 short. Not really loud, but a sharp snap.


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