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New Airgun Hunting Map from the Airgun Sporting Association (ASA) & Pyramyd Air

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 To add to this on a pesting level, check your local ordinances on acceptable ways to counter pest in urban areas. A simple google of the location one plans to do pesting look for local  ordinances on you locations web site, your brain may hurt when done but you will be wiser ;)

I called my DNR here in SC after looking at the map and learned something new. Apparently, the only known information for us is an email message that was sent out 2 years ago stating that Airguns fall under the heading of rifles. They aren't addressed in our guide that is linked through the map saying such. The only ones that can have it put in the guide are the legislature. The nice lady that I spoke with said she would call me back tomorrow with more specifics. I did ask if she could email me a copy of the letter, for a future just in case.

Very cool! A great tool!

I see Iguana is on the menu for Florida :D

Thank you everyone for reviewing this map!  Make sure to use that contact form at ASA if you think there needs to be corrections and they will get right on it.  I think one thing is very clear is that airgun hunting laws across the country are currently quite muddy.  That is the goal of the ASA is to work with hunters, manufactures, and wildlife agencies across the U.S. to give us more clarity and create pro-airgun hunting laws.

Yeah...some things need to be changed. Washington and Oregon. I pest in both and a few critters are fir bearing. Trapping only for one of them. Lol


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