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New Airgun Hunting Map from the Airgun Sporting Association (ASA) & Pyramyd Air

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35 shooter:
The info on the state of Ms. is incorrect! It shows no airgun hunting allowed.....

Airgun hunting IS LEGAL in Ms. for small game and fur bearers with 177 and 22 cal. Airguns.

It is clearly stated in the hunting pamphlet they hand out when you buy a hunting license.
Itís under the extra regulations ( or something like that) section.
Iíve sent emails to both pyramid air before,and now to the AGS, but the map remains the same.

New reg book out, but was showing on normal site search. I got this link from an email from nm g&f.
The interactive map above isnít up to date!
See post below.

Looking at SC, the map only addresses "Public Land". 

Thanks for the link. I think some corrections need to be made for Illinois. I'll double check the laws and check with the local enforcement people to see how they are interpreting things (seems to work for me to keep in contact with them), and then make recommendations for changes.


--- Quote from: only1harry on September 20, 2018, 07:43:11 PM ---I have a feeling there is going to be more errors.  I would just go on your state's DNR web site and call them too if you are not sure about something.


--- End quote ---

In Commyfornia, one needs to hire a lawyer to understand all the complicated regs.  This detours a lot of hunters.  The dfw, is saying they are working on a simpler re-write.  The question remains if our governor allows it.  The state gets tons of money from the "anti's."  He may be at risk, to lose them.


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