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Author Topic: 7/28-11/9 Donations  (Read 1827 times))

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7/28-11/9 Donations
« on: November 20, 2017, 12:30:03 AM »
The GTA administration and staff wish to thank each and every one of our members that have so graciously donated over the past month or so. These donations are what keep us going. The funds keep our site bills paid and cover the constant maintenance and tweaks to the software. The merchandise donations go back into the membership through our monthly raffles and as raffles/door prizes at the annual fun shoot. Its your generosity that makes the GTA a cut above the rest.

Many thanks to those who have donated this period.
Name       Date     

Drew      Nov-9
PaperPunch1      Nov-7
longdx      Nov-4
Dockey 454      Oct-14
Emilio Avila      Oct-14
Burtus      Oct-13
Sky      Oct-8
uncle paulie      Oct-2
d_ray50      Sep-29
Ironman482      Sep-27
Plinker71      Sep-25
Anonymous      Sep-22
fredd3039      Sep-15
bnowlin      Sep-9
Mosin Marine      Sep-4
longdx      Sep-2
farmerjoe99      Sep-2
nielsenammo      Sep-1
JoeV      Aug-31
Norcal      Aug-24
Hoosier Daddy      Aug-24
nielsenammo      Aug-24
Flyonwall      Aug-19
Mosin Marine      Aug-15
HB      Aug-7
Yarp      Aug-4
Anonymous      Aug-2
skorec      Jul-28
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