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Author Topic: Petition For airguns in Trinidad and Tobago  (Read 3035 times))

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Petition For airguns in Trinidad and Tobago
« on: November 04, 2016, 11:34:36 PM »
GTA International Airgun Forums
We have a responsibility to the airgun community and will help when we can. I was asked by member Mod90 to post this petition to get help from the GTA family.
Here is the explanation Ricardo sent with the link below. Thanks for your help.

Hello, this is Ricardo Ashton, a member of the GTA airgun forum. I go by the moniker of Mod90 on the GTA international airgun forum.
I write you to request your permission to place  a petition across the GTA forums, in an effort to gain international support for a movement to have airgun laws changed in Trinidad & Tobago.

In Trinidad & Tobago currently & for the last 45 years, citizens are only allowed to keep .177 air guns, & only those fitted with  smooth bore barrels. The only persons that supply locals in Trinidad & Tobago with air guns that meet these specifications are local dealers. These dealers are fully aware of this situation, & as a direct result of the singular piece of legislation that bars Trinidadians & Tobagonians from gaining access to larger calibers or rifled barrels these dealers unashamedly & with much vigor exercise some extreme levels of price gouge the airgun community they supply. As an example, local airgun enthusiasts are forced to pay up to USD $5000.00 for an FX Impact airgun, that retails for USD $1899.00 at AoA today. In another instance, one dealer sells the Hatsan BT65 Elite in .177 caliber for upwards of USD $2200.00, & this is a unit that retails for USD $750.00. Instances of these types of unjustifiable and blatant behavior can be found everywhere people look to air gun suppliers on these islands. They have all thus far successfully been able to do this simply due to this antiquated piece of legislation, that classifies an air gun of .177 caliber with a rifled barrel as a firearm, subsequently requiring a firearms license, which is almost impossible to obtain.

Air gun enthusiasts & sports persons in Trinidad & Tobago are being held to ransom by these unscrupulous individuals, and we hope that with your support & the support of the membership of the GTA we can have the laws amended to allow rifled barrels of .177 caliber. At the very least, such a change would open the door for locals have better options as to how much they pay for their air guns, what guns are available to them, what replacement parts are available tho them, and who they chose to support while in the pursuit of their chosen discipline.

I do hope that after your due consideration you would grant me this opportunity to post the link to this petition across your forum.
Below is the link to the petition, I leave this in your hands and at your discretion, & I bid you sincere thanks for you time & consideration.

Kind regards
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