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Title: Results for DIFTA match on 10/11/2014
Post by: vinenator on October 14, 2014, 01:58:08 PM
Copied with permission from "yellow" from a post by Jan Vandenberg.

Locals may be surprised that we shot a full 72-shot course in the woods at today's DIFTA match. The early morning was quite rainy, and the forecast was sketchy. But Dean is a veteran radar interpreter, and he was sure that we'd have good conditions at match time. So, instead of reverting to the 60-shot "plan B" course under the covered firing line, we went for the full course that Paolo laid out for us on Thursday. Dean's weather call was right on the money, and the match was almost completely dry, with a nice, constant breeze that was just enough to drift plenty of shots out of Paolo's masochistic killzones.

The course was 72 shots across 12 lanes, three targets per lane and two shots per target. Paolo threw in one forced offhand lane, plus a "fast" lane, with only three minutes rather than the usual seven for six shots. Average difficulty was 26.3 Troyers for this course. A HUGE thank-you to Paolo, who spent Thursday evening setting out the targets, printing scorecards for both "dry" and "wet" courses, etc., even though he wouldn't even be able to join us on Saturday!

The battle for Hunter/PCP, our only fully-staffed class, came down to the offhand lane. Dean dropped a couple more targets on the unforced lanes, but Eric nailed five of six offhand shots to Dean's one! I'm sure Eric's offhand performance, standing on two feet without a scandalously attached bipod, is a fluke and not at all down to well practiced marksmanship. Vince's score was impressive given that he scratched two lanes after dropping his rifle. Still, he managed to figure out the resulting zero shift on the fly, and finished strong even while compensating for the wonky zero.

Despite not shooting the match, Andy and AJ were spotted lurking mysteriously around the course. Asked how this appearance might relate to the upcoming Fantasy Shoot, the Stephens men replied only with diabolical laughter and evil grins.

The full results:

<see attached file>

The next DIFTA event is the spectacular, peerless Fantasy Shoot on October 25. Not that it's ever okay to miss a DIFTA match, but you must not miss the Fantasy Shoot! After that, we have a regular match on November 8. See the chapter calendar for the full schedule.

See you at the Fantasy Shoot!
Title: Re: Results for DIFTA match on 10/11/2014
Post by: vinenator on October 14, 2014, 02:10:19 PM
As for Jan interpretation of my problems, here is what happened.

I was shooting some of the lanes prone, which is pretty hard on the body when one is not use to it, but I thought it would help my scoring so i gave it a try.

while addressing one lane, i had my rifle on the ground upright on a short bipod. when i laid down on my shooting mat, i bumped the rifle and it toppled over on its left side. i quickly grabbed it and cleaned the muck off of the focus wheel. i didn't notice any other muck. i then attempted to shoot and couldn't even hit metal but i had a feeling every shot was going wide right. after that lane i checked the rifle and didn't notice anything wrong but though perhaps that since the scope had hit the ground (there was mud), then perhaps the scope got knocked out of whack.

well, rules are rules so i couldn't adjust the scope, so on the next lane i attempted to compensate. still couldn't hit the broad side of the barn. after that lane i was about ready to bag it when i noticed the barrel ring was touching the left side of my barrel shroud. i knew i had centered my barrel in the ring prior to the event, but it didn't occur to me that it might have rotated from the fall.

i borrowed a hex wrench from my shooting partner and loosened the two set screws and re-centered the barrel. once tightened, i then shot the next lane. success! the Marauder was performing as it was before the fall. I was even able to clear one lane later on.

the lesson here is, check EVERYTHING that could possibly affect the shot after an incident.

Title: Re: Results for DIFTA match on 10/11/2014
Post by: Racer X on October 14, 2014, 03:32:33 PM
It was a great time shooting with vinenator. Some of the targets are really tough. I was able to hit a lot of them and my springer began to feel the cold. The loss of power resulted in ablout 1/2 a mil dot low at 20 yards. It took me a couple lanes to figure out the change. Also there was wind.
Vinenator did a great job coming back from the mechanical problems and cleared a lane.  The Fantacy shoot sounds like a lot of fun. I am looking forward to it.