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News/pictures for February 2024


You can submit more than once per month. If you can only shoot at 70 yards, just explain what the reasons are (weather, sighting in, working your way up to over a hundred etc.)

You can have more than five shots on a target. The pictures wouldn't even have to be of a target as mentioned above (things that would interest me would be things like notebooks and range cards).

Everybody - show us what you are doing this month!

Stoeger Bullshark shooting 13.43 KOs at 100 today. Wind was variable at around 4 mph.

Edit: It measured 1.75 inches.

Went and did a proper attempt at some 100 yard shooting for the first time in a long time since I started some modding of my Mrod Field and Target. Not too bad.

Using 15.89 jsbs 1-3 mph right to left wind


Some more shooting from today


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