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Update on my 100 yd goals


We've decided to post about our work towards nuah goals this year and so am following through.

I am at my buddy's place. He has a100 yd range. I've brought my .177 Akela with NSA 12.5s, which showed promise here last year the couple times I stayed a weekend and got to shoot 100.

Last year, I discovered the Seneca 16s lost accuracy after 75 yds but the NSAs might make 100 since they at least were hitting the target.

Last year, I also learned that the Hawke scope I was using could not adjust enough for my goals. I maxed them out. This year, I have a UTG 12x with me that has more mil dots. Will it also max out?

Last year, I shot prone with a front bag and rear shouldered. I never shoot prone when practicing at home; my buddy just has the 100yd range set up that way. This year, I brought a workbench set up as a shooting table with a front bag.

I remember hitting some branches last year due to aiming so much higher than with a PB for 100 yd shooting. I think I cleared those/cut them last year. Time will tell.

It is raining now so not much shooting happening yet. Our primary objective is hunting at dawn and dusk for deer. Midday today if it clears up I will get a chance at nuah with the Akela in .177. If we get a deer tonight or tomorrow morning, I might be processing midday tomorrow. If not, I'll get some nuah work in tomorrow too. Though... maybe nuah wil be a good break from processing if I have the energy, particularly for hand pumping [chuckling].


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