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News/pictures for January 2024

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Well here it is. This is the request for photos (either targets or what your range looks like) and news monthly of what you are doing? They don't have to be good targets, you wouldn't even have to be a member, just show how you are shooting at over 100 yards. Nothing official, just something for other people to look at.

You can submit more than once per month. If you can only shoot at 70 yards, just explain what the reasons are (weather, sighting in, working your way up to over a hundred etc.)

You can have more than five shots on a target. The pictures wouldn't even have to be of a target as mentioned above (things that would interest me would be things like notebooks and range cards).

Existing members - show us what you are doing this month!

 Excellent I have had plans in my head to assemble some items to get a dedicated 100+ yard range set up, this will inspire me!

I havenít been doing much shooting in general and definitely no long range airgunning.  Just been busy.  It is a challenge to shoot pellets at distance for groups.  It is fun, rewarding and frustrating all wrapped into one.  💥🎯

This is a portion of my range showing target holders at 50, 75, and 100 yards,  off to the side I have targets from 15 to 40.  best and lucky part is, I can shoot all these from my back bedroom.

Nice Range.

I was hoping to get outside and shoot a target and I have 10 days this month remaining. Since Christmas I have suffered through a nasty viral infection (trying not to use the C###d word) and then I got a really nasty contact dermatitis (we'll call it a wound) on the left side of my head, neck and shoulder. I'm pretty sure I got that one carrying the extension cords into my garage from a slush covered yard just after my infection let up. I don't know what was on my lawn, but I've never had anything like this before (picture your worst vision of a cross between a chemical burn and poison ivy and then let it transfer to you lymph nodes as well. I don't know what my lawn will look like when it starts to grow. There is no way I could hold a prone position to save my life. I'm not sure I could shoot from a bench. It's just now beginning to let up.


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