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Handoff to Kevin J Brown


As discussed with Kevin, who I stood in for while he was dealing with other things, he will once again be taking the helm of N.U.A.H....  8)

I have updated the Chart in this Membership Gate as of today, so I think everything is in order to give Kevin a reference point to resume as our leader!.... We currently have 120 Members.... I will update the chart 2 or 3 times a year as membership warrants, if that is Kevin's wish.... Thanks for this opportunity to keep you all in line (it was extremely easy and pleasurable)....  :D



Thanks for the assistance. You did a superior job. To all others, I will try my best, but if you see that I slack somewhere, please send me a private message and I will try to catch up, my life outside GTA tends to keep me very busy.


Welcome back Mr. Brown!

I am starting to feel up to shooting again.  I shot some pb with my brothers a couple of days ago. Maybe I'll get some N.U.A.H target printed to test the waters.



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