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Veterans, where did you serve?

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I know there are many vets here.
It would be interesting to know where and when you served.
I was in the Army, A Co., 27th Eng Bn (cbt), 45th Group, 18th Engineer Brigade.  Dec 2. 1969 - Feb 2, 1971. Republic of South Vietnam.

Thanks to all for your service.

US Navy, 1982-1988

Hull Maint Tech
USS Hunley-AS 31, R-1, 26A/B 83-86
USs Fulton-AS11, R-1, 26A/B and 11A

Welded on Submarines for minimum wage and loved every bit of it.

US Army, 1989-1995

Desert Storm, Shield and Provide Comfort
HHC 11th Avn Bgd  out of Illeshiem Germany
Then Ft. Campbell for 4 years 101st Avn 6 Bat

Huey Crewchief 500 hours flight time in 5 years flying.
The crewchiefs averaged more hours than the pilots.
Funny cause I get 700-800 year now flying as a pilot.

US Army 1993-97
Fort Benning Georgia 75th Ranger Regiment
Fort Lewis Washington I Corps

U.S. Navy 1971 - 2001
USS GEORGE C. MARSHALL (SSBN 654) (Radioman E3-E6)
Naval Submarine School, Groton, CT (Radioman E6-E7)
USS TULLIBEE (SSN 597) (Radioman E7)
USS KAMEHAMEHA (SSBN 642) (Radioman E7-E8) (Yes, Pipewelder. You worked on her)
USS FRANK CABLE (AS-40) (Communication Officer O1-E - O3)
Submarine Squadron TWO (Communication Officer O3)
Submarine Group TWO (Communication Officer O3-O4)
Naval Submarine School (Legal Officer, Director Basic Enlisted Submarine School/High Risk Training O4)
USS PELELIU (LHA 5) (Combat Systems Officer O4) (Desert Shield, Provide Comfort)


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