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Anyone have N.U.A.H. goals for 2023?

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Just curious as to what people hope to achieve this year in N.U.A.H.

Unfortunately this year I won't be able to shoot nearly as often, but when I do get out I'll have access to several hundred yards of safe shooting distance. Hopefully I can at least make "member" at 200+ using small bores. Had hopes to get a big bore, but not looking like this year. For smiles and grins I might even lob some pellets out to 200y from the Diana 54 to see if I can even get on paper...  ;D

Go for it!

I mostly shoot at home and I can't manage much over 100 yards here, so I'm going to focus on improving my 100 yard score. Hopefully I can find time when the wind and rain cooperate while I'm not at work.

Madd Hatter:
To try and qualify for the nuah club.🤔

 Hope to have the stars align so I have time in perfect weather to shoot a target, and hope to have an official target along to shoot it at ;) Oh and cameras and stuff along to prove it  ???


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