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Longer range airgunning is addictive

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I haven't been able to shoot NUAH for a bit for a multitude of reasons, it's been tough Lol. Truth is I haven't done much of any shooting lately. Some reason I thought October was the end of the 100y matches and was disappointed I hadn't been able to get out more, even to practice. Luckily November has match I'm itching to get into if things align.

I've attempted longer range shooting with a quite few airguns, my preferred gun still being the Cayden but the Air Arms S510 is right with it, just nicer/smoother overall (almost too nice). Trying.177 slugs from the BT65 at distance just never panned out like I had hoped although they did ok at 100 yards, around 80 seemed to be the practical limit from my gun with me shooting. For grins I dialed a few guns way down in power/velocity and still managed to do better than expected in the 80 to 105 yard range. Have yet to attempt further distance or to improve on my last division upgrade.

Still trying to decide what my next and "last" airgun will be, but always looking. Target shooting at closer ranges has lost it's allure to me for the most part and investing into a mid or big bore just for long range target is impractical at the moment (married with children, have to budget Lol). I know there are plenty of options available, eventually I'll figure something out. Just not sure of caliber and projectile type I want to go with yet, but know some will perform better than others.

So 100 yard target with airguns has ruined me. Nothing since has quite scratched that itch, the challenge of sending a small pellet downrange knowing a whisper of a breeze in any direction, not reading the wind correctly or not repeating a certain hold can destroy a perfectly good 5 shot group... But some how it's one of the most rewarding activities I've encountered  ;D

Nice piece, I hope it entices others to "scratch that itch"....  8)


Agreed, something knocked my scope out of alignment (I think on my Marauder last week) and I havenít been able to get back to it to sort things out but like you say, long range is a lot of fun/ challenge that I think more people would enjoy if they had the range and a coach to get them started.

Just in case any of you are getting bored, you might like to have a look at the target shot recently by Mike Niksch with his Thomas BR rifle at 100 yards....

This is 25 shots with .22 cal. JSB 25.4 gr. Redesigned Monsters.... If you ask me, it looks like he pulled one!....  ;D

How about some of you guys that can shoot 50/50-5X moving out to 150 or 200 yards?.... We still have had nobody qualify in NUAH at 300!....  ;)


Been wanting to try this since last spring, but I don't have anywhere to shoot here at the house past 27 yds.  We will be visiting the In-Laws in a few weeks and hope to do some shooting there.  If they haven't filled the old chicken houses with hay, some of them are right at 100yds long.  I might have to shoot down the side of them if full of hay.

I need to look up the rules again and print some targets to take with me. ;D  I especially want to try out the new to me Prophet 2 with some slugs.  Don't know if they are allowed, but will be my main interest.


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