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Bulldog moderator STL?

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I just went looking for the files for the Bulldog moderator that was on Thingiverse, but now those are gone. Anyone have those files? There used to be a short and a long version. I don't think I saved them anywhere like I knew I should have when I first saw them  :-[ In the past Thingiverse could be funny about certain types of files, or they could have been removed because of other legal issues, or it just didn't work, etc.

I'd also be very interested in a resin print in some kind of durable resin.

And if this talk is not allowed (lots of moderator stuff isn't), please delete this post. I'm still foggy on what parts of moderators are and are not allowed, so no "scoffing at the rules" was intended. Hoping that being upfront about my lack of understanding will prevent real punishment if this is not allowed.

I do recall seeing them on there but haven't looked in a while. Thingyverse is not a very well built sight have you tried the other sights listed in the sticky above?

I only tried google, and most links lead back to thingiverse where it seems to be deleted.

The last I read was he was having some delamination issues but still working on it. Delam could be solved with resin (maybe), but I don't own a resin printer and my FF printer stinks and would never work long enough to get a print this size finished (not sure it has the build volume either).

I'll have to keep looking, maybe the wayback machine can find it for me.

I'm also really squirmy about asking someone to print this for me, legal stuff and all.

Might just need to buy from Pitbull.

Yeggi only indexes to Thingiverse and it 404

I find it useful to do an image search.  Much faster way to find what I am looking for; or a clue towards finding it.  In this case:

Don't know if this one is any good compared to what you were looking for, but search youtube for "Inside a Pitbull Airguns Mega Moderator". 

If I post the video directly, I may riffle some feathers.


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