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Daisy 880 parts ?


I don't know much about 3d printing but was curious if it would be possible for somone to 3D print the reciver and have it with a picatinny rail instead of a dove tail and possibly some way for it to have a stronger stock ?
Again I'm not very well informed about it but I see people 3d printing AR recovers so figured I'd ask.

Possible, yes.  However, unless one already has a 3D CAD model of the receiver, all the remaining original features would need to be designed.  That represents a significant amount of work. 

As getting one's hands on the factory 2D drawings seems unlikely, a receiver would need to measured very carefully, and all the features added to a 3D part model.  A slight shortcut could be 3D scanning the outside of the receiver as a starting point.

Designing some kind of Picatinny to dovetail adaptor that one can print and then attach to receiver seems like a lot less trouble.  You could even add 10 or 20 MOA drop compensation so the scope can live closer to mechanical zero.

There are dovetail to picatinny adapters.


--- Quote from: Tdubya on October 15, 2021, 08:07:52 PM ---There are dovetail to picatinny adapters.

--- End quote ---

Yes there are.  The OP seemed eager to print something, a few moths ago.  In any event he seems to have lost interest in his own thread since then.  That seems like a prompt for me to unsubscribe from it.


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