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Crosman 1322 stock cheek riser

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--- Quote from: Marquette on April 19, 2021, 08:54:53 PM ---Hi
   I already have a ATI SKS cheek riser.  Looking for something a little higher and more stable on the top of the stock

--- End quote ---

Check out this guy's Crosman 1399 cheek riser:

Personally, I do not like 3D-printed stuff, but it is what you want.

His looks to be an excellent design though.

ok so I got it loaded up and into my slice gonna be a 10 hour and 30 min print. so that is no issue. once i hear from you it's just a matter of loading it to my printer and letting it run.

      Sent you a pm. 

Got it. Iíll get the print started tomorrow morning. If all goes well I might even be able to get it mailed tomorrow as well. If not the following day.

Part printed flawlessly and has been dropped off to USPS and is on its way to you. TY for your business Marquette.


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